Some frequently asked questions on our services you might find helpful

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How long will they last?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions will look good for about 2-3 weeks with good home care. They will then need an in-fill to replace the lashes that have naturally fell off and can be worn all the time. Natural eyelashes full out at 4-7 a day, so they need replacing to keep your lash line full. Express lashes last 2 weeks, when they then need removing to keep your natural lashes healthy.

What is the difference between semi permanent and express lashes?

Semi permanent eyelash extensions don’t need to be removed and will naturally shed over time leaving you with healthy lashes as long as you look after them at home properly. Eyelashes are carefully isolated and then 1 or 2 lashes are carefully applied to one natural lash. Express lashes are placed on to the natural lashes and layered, with several lashes being adhered together. This is why it’s important to have them removed 2 weekly to make sure they don’t pull each other out.

If you want lashes just for a special occasion express lashes are perfect and fast. Semi permanent lashes are the best choice for long term wear.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

Properly trained eyelash technicians work hard at applying eyelashes very carefully to your natural lashes. They use quality products and are updating their training all the time, as it is a quickly changing industry. Unfortunately poorly applied and usually cheap eyelash extensions can damage your natural eyelashes. Make sure you go to someone that is trained, who takes hygiene seriously, who patch tests you and look at their work before hand on Facebook etc. Pulling your eyelashes and not following your after care can also affect your natural lashes.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Most importantly make sure you come to your appointment with no eye make up on at all. Unfortunately if I have to spend some of your appointment time cleaning make up off your eyes this impacts into the length of time I can spend lashing them.

Can men have them?

Yes of course. I would usually apply a gentler curl in a dark brown to men’s lashes, meaning you get eye definition without it being obvious that you wear them. But full on glamour can be achieved too if that’s the look you are after.

Do I need a patch test?

Yes. I take my business and my client’s eye health very seriously so only apply lashes to clients who have had a patch test done with me at Sage Therapies. It is also an insurance requirement and just not worth the risk to not have a patch test especially as it only takes 5 minutes.

What “look” can I get?

I stock B,C,CC,D and J curls in black, with a smaller curl selection in dark brown, red, blue, green and purple. These come in thicknesses 0.07,0.10,0.12,0.15,0.2 plus flat lashes. I assess your lashes and work with you to produce a look that makes the best of your eye shape and features. With techniques including, capping, stacking, curl mixing, feathering and much more you can choose from a natural to a dramatic, glamorous look.

Can I have eyelash extensions while pregnant?

I don’t offer extensions to pregnant ladies. Two good reasons being just in case of an allergic reaction and secondly it takes 1-2 hours to have them applied and that’s just not comfortable for a pregnant lady.

How do I look after my lashes?

New lashes need to be kept dry for at least 24 hours, carefully brushed through with a clean mascara wand in the mornings, washed carefully and any oil based products kept well away from them. Easy really and I’ll give you more information at your appointment.

Does it matter if I’m late?

Please arrive on time so that I can give you your full allocated appointment time. Everyone has the occasional problem, but it wouldn’t be far on my next client if I run over into their appointment slot. If you are late you may have to have your appointment cut a bit shorter to make sure it doesn’t impact on anyone else.

Will a massage cure the pain in my...?

I like to be upfront with people’s expectations and if a problem has taken a long time to build up, it will not be “cured” by a 30 minute massage. What I will say is that I’ve had 100’s of client’s with muscular aches and pains that have found relief and improvement from my massage. With the client doing their aftercare and with regular massages, most soft tissue discomfort can be improved upon.

How often should I come?

Clients get the most long term benefit by coming either once or twice a month. Having said that, a one off massage to help you relax is great too so don’t be out off if you can only come occasionally.

What do I need to do before my massage?

Arrive clean and fresh and plan your day so that you don’t have to rush around doing lots of things afterwards. You will need to fill out a consultation form on arriving to

help me give you the most appropriate treatment. Then leave the rest to me.

What are the benefits of using hot stones in massage?

Apart from the fact that they feel wonderfully warm, luxurious and comforting, they quickly and easily relax the muscles. You then get a deeper, but comfortable massage, whether you’re having a relaxing or more sports type massage.

Does it hurt?

Some sports or remedial massage techniques can feel a bit uncomfortable for a short amount of time, but I will discuss this with you and work within your pain threshold. If you’re coming for relaxation or hot stone massage then it won’t be uncomfortable at all.

Do I need to wear underwear?

Your body will be covered at all times with a sheet, other than the area being massaged, this is called towel etiquette. Even so I have a policy of all clients wearing either their own underwear or I have disposable thongs for you to use if you prefer.

What will I feel like afterwards?

Most people feel relaxed a bit tired and with better movement in any restricted areas. Areas that I have used sports or remedial massage techniques on may feel a little sore, but this will wear off after a day or two especial if you ice the area afterwards (I will advise you of this during your aftercare)

What oil do you use?

You will have the choice from four different oils. Either basic almond oil or choose from one of these pre-blended aromatherapy oils:

  • Relaxing Massage Oil - marjoram, chamomile and patchouli in a base of grapeseed, sweet almond, olive and wheatgerm
  • Balancing Massage Oil - chamomile, bergamot and lavender in a base of olive, wheat germ and calendula
  • Refreshing Massage Oil - orange, rosemary and clary sage in a base of grapeseed, olive, wheat germ and avocado

These oils are safe for anyone to use, unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients.

Will it make any difference if I don’t do my aftercare?

To get the very best from massage your aftercare is important. It will extend the time that you feel comfortable between massages and will prevent you feeling “overworked” afterwards. Advice is available on my Facebook page, on my website and I will go over it with you before you leave. It may include stretches, posture, fluid intake, cryotherapy and hot/cold therapy, but in the case of a hot stone or relaxation massage it will be just drinking plenty of water and going home to put your feet up!

Does it matter if I’m late?

Please arrive on time so that I can give you your full allocated appointment time. Everyone has the occasional problem, but it wouldn’t be far on my next client if I run over into their appointment slot. If you are late you may have to have your appointment cut a bit shorter to make sure it doesn’t impact on anyone else.

What sort of wax do you use?

I use two different types of wax, strip wax and peelable (also known as hard, or hot) wax. Strip wax is used for large areas such as backs and legs. Peelable wax doesn’t stick to the skin, but grabs tightly to the hairs so it’s perfect for intimate areas, facial waxing, underarm etc. It’s strong on hairs, but gentle on even sensitive skin types. The brand I use is called Outback Organics, which I have found to be my favourite wax, plus it has lovely pre and post wax products.

How long does the hair have to be?

At least two week’s worth of hair growth is fine for most people. There has to be enough length for the wax to grab. It can be done before this but you won’t get as good a finish.

What do I need to do before my wax?

Arrive clean and with well moisturised skin. Make sure that you haven’t shaved or done any hair removal for at least 2 weeks and then leave it to me!

Does it hurt?

This varies vastly from person to person. Having a hair pulled out from the root is going to be uncomfortable, but it usual lessons over waxes and clients come back time and again. Fortunately I use the best professional waxes you can get so this makes your wax the most comfortable it can be.

How long will my wax last?

Most clients get waxed 3-6 weekly with the majority coming at about 4 weeks. When first getting a wax you’ll find that some hairs “appear” to come back quicker (within a week). This is because hairs grow in different cycles; just starting to regrow (and are under the skin), growing strongly and lastly nearly ready to fall out. Obviously I can’t wax those first hairs that are under the skin, but after around 4 regular waxes your hairs are all growing at the same time and so can be removed all together. You then get smoother skin for longer.

Will my hair get sparser?

This again varies, but the majority of long term waxers find that their hair becomes finer and sparser over time with regular waxing. Unfortunately this isn’t guaranteed and everyone’s hair is different.

Can I keep my underwear on for intimate waxing?

It’s nearly impossible to give a thorough wax with knickers on. There’s no hiding, so best to leave any embarrassment behind and let me do the best job I can. By the time you’ve had your first wax you’ll find we are chatting away and people actually look forward to their appointment!

I’m pregnant can I get a wax?

It’s fine to be waxed while pregnant, I just have to adapt how I position you. Just to be aware that pregnancy hormones can make your normal hair growth change and sometimes make it slightly more uncomfortable, but otherwise fine.

Can I be waxed when I have my period?

Of course, you just need to come with a clean tampon in please. Again hormones can make it slightly more uncomfortable at this time.

I’m male, can I be waxed?

Yes I’m more than happy to provide waxing for men as well as women. More and more men are finding that waxing works well for them. Clients have told me that they find my home based salon less daunting and friendlier than female dominated high street salons.

What if I get aroused during my male intimate wax?

Don’t worry about it. It just happens sometimes and is a physical response that we just ignore and get on with the job of waxing.

Does it matter if I’m late?

Please arrive on time so that I can give you your full allocated appointment time. Everyone has the occasional problem, but it wouldn’t be far on my next client if I run over into their appointment slot. If you are late you may have to have your appointment cut a bit shorter to make sure it doesn’t impact on anyone else.